Monday, August 30, 2010

My Questions for the panel

1. Even though there is still a microscopic amount of chemicals left in a completed blocked off area, how can you prove it's not in the air?

2. How do you plan to deal with the people who no longer want to live there due to the way it's effecting there family, but can't due to the economic crisis of today.

3. Are you going to fund medical needs for the people who have been or already were effected?

4. By a show of hands, how many people have not been effected in anyway, whether it be you or a family member or a friend, by the chemicals in the canal.

5. About how long does EPA estimate for the chemicals to biodegrade, if ever?


  1. 6. How has Occidental helped or taken responsiblity with the clean up/removal of the chemicals?

    7. How do you know that the new cap isn't going to not work like the last one?

    8. Approximately how many people were affected by the Love Canal?

  2. 6. What has Occidental Petroleum done in the past years during the cleanup? Are these things good or bad?